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I currently use S3 software and use the animator to view\watch my sequence when it's playing. I currently use all LED's (regular AC lights) but I plan on adding a pixel tree next year so I need to upgrade my software. I know that S5 does away with the animator. My question though is there a way to make the preview in S5 look like the animator. For instance I have my leaping arches drawn out in animator as an actual arch (or as closest as you can get to a curve using the boxes). The only option I saw when I was playing around with S5 was the default squares (or stars or triangles or octagons). I don't like that I can only see 8 squares lined up and not the actual arch. My entire roofline is one channel and when I draw it out, I draw the entire roofline (the bottom, sides, and ridge). In S5, this is displayed as a single square. Can I draw all props in the preview to look like they do in the animator in older software?? Thanks in advance

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You can import the animation into S5. TheĀ import process creates a preview that looks very similar to your SE animation - except now you can easily change it - add props, move props around, etc.

See pages 10-11 of this presentation:



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