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Previews don't appear on second computer even after they are saved from first computer

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The setup is two computers sharing LOR directories via Dropbox.

Computer 1: Start Sequencer, open a sequence

Computer 2: Start Sequencer, open a different sequence

Computer 1:  Copy an existing preview, call it "test preview" , modify the preview, save it and close "Manage Previews"

Computer 2: Open "Manage Preview" and look for "test preview", it isn't there

In another test, if Computer 2 didn't have Sequencer running when the new preview was made it works as expected


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I also sometimes lose previews.  I think this is what I did:

Opened S5 sequencer

Copied a preview

Modified preview

Copied preview again

Modified second preview

I didn't open any sequences

I exited the program

When I went it again later the previews were gone.

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Ok I think the disappearing previews occur this way:

Computer A:  Open S5 Sequencer

Computer B:  Open S5 Sequencer

Computer B:  Copy a new preview, modify it

Computer B:  Exit, Sequencer

Computer B:  re-enter Sequencer, see that the previews are still there, exit Sequencer

Computer A:  Exit Sequencer

Computer A:  Open Sequencer, new previews don't exist

Computer B:   Open Sequencer, previews are now gone


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I know this is an oldish thread, but I can't resist a good mystery. Something that I learned about Previews in S5 which is a bit unexpected: I think that you can have two Previews with the same name. I sometimes have a mental lapse and treat Previews as if they are files. I know better. I have done the following which caused me some confusion: In Preview Manager, copy a preview (Halloween 2018). Open the copy(Halloween 2018 - copy) and make changes, including a name change to the same as the original Preview (Halloween 2018).  Because I expected that the Preview would be treated as a file, I expected the new Preview to replace the original Preview of the same name. Previews are not files. I found that I had two Previews with the same name(Halloween 2018)(Halloween 2018). I know this is a different experience from yours, but it might shed some light on what you experienced and then had difficulty repeating. It's just that expectation that Previews act like files. You may have actually been looking at different Previews with the same name.


One (Halloween 2018) is enough for now.


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