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Previews don't appear on second computer even after they are saved from first computer

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The setup is two computers sharing LOR directories via Dropbox.

Computer 1: Start Sequencer, open a sequence

Computer 2: Start Sequencer, open a different sequence

Computer 1:  Copy an existing preview, call it "test preview" , modify the preview, save it and close "Manage Previews"

Computer 2: Open "Manage Preview" and look for "test preview", it isn't there

In another test, if Computer 2 didn't have Sequencer running when the new preview was made it works as expected


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I also sometimes lose previews.  I think this is what I did:

Opened S5 sequencer

Copied a preview

Modified preview

Copied preview again

Modified second preview

I didn't open any sequences

I exited the program

When I went it again later the previews were gone.

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Ok I think the disappearing previews occur this way:

Computer A:  Open S5 Sequencer

Computer B:  Open S5 Sequencer

Computer B:  Copy a new preview, modify it

Computer B:  Exit, Sequencer

Computer B:  re-enter Sequencer, see that the previews are still there, exit Sequencer

Computer A:  Exit Sequencer

Computer A:  Open Sequencer, new previews don't exist

Computer B:   Open Sequencer, previews are now gone


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