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Can't import SE channels that match up with PE prop

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I'm a long time LOR user and this year I added a Superstar tree. I've been able to program it by hand in the Sequence Editor and use effects from xLights but now I'm trying to use the Pixel Editor. I can make an animated sequence in the pixel editor and export it into the sequence editor and display on my lights. I'm now trying to update my old sequences and that is where I am running into a problem. I want to import the existing sequence into the pixel editor with all the props I have in my sequence editor animation. I recreated the props in the pixel editor and think I've defined them right but I can't get the import to work. I must be missing something simple. I've spent several hours today reading this forum, searching the internet, and looking at tutorials but so far no luck.

Here's an example of what I did:

  1. I have a channel in SE labeled Left Roof. Its type is LOR Controller, network is Regular, unit is 01, Circuit is 1.  It's a single strand of lights.
  2. In PE I have a prop to match, labeled Left Roof. It's sequence method is Sequence Editor, light type is Traditional, channel is LOR, network is Regular, max circuit  is 16, unit is 01, start circuit is 1, end circuit is 1.
  3. I repeat step 1 and 2 for all the other channels I have in the SE, using the relevant unit and circuit numbers.
  4. In PE I also have a Tree prop with 12 ribbons. It's sequence method is Pixel Editor, light type is RGB, channel is LOR, network is Regular, max circuit is 150, unit is 08, start circuit is 1, end circuit is 150 (and then continues for the other 11 ribbons). There is no similar item in SE.
  5. I open the SE sequence in PE. The only prop listed is the Tree. When I open the preview design, it shows all the props.
  6. From the menu I choose Sequence/Migration Tools/Import from Sequence Editor. The dialog box only offer one option for import, the Tree. None of the other channels that match up to the prop are shown. 

What step am I missing?

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did you click on props and select how props are defined in this sequence

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That was the trick! I was there earlier in the day before I defined the props and never thought of going back. Thanks so much.

(For others who might experience the same issue, the "Props" he references is the button at the top of the left hand column that lists props. For me, that list was only showing Tree as that was the only prop being sequenced in the Pixel Editor. When you click on the Props button you then see a new dialog with 4 columns and you can choose the props from the SE to include.)

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