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Quick answer to somewhat complex problem... xlights

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I had decided to switch to xLights due to the cost of SS. The learning curve versus amount of time invested has resulted in my show being over a week behind starting. I needed pixel support as I purchased a Holidaycoro Alphapix 16 controller and 20 strips of 50 2811 bullet 5 volt pixels to build a 8' megatree (I have no other pixels at this time).  I have done some simple sequencing for the tree and I purchased a few SS formatted sequences as well (which I have to convert to run in XL). I run xLIghts on a Mac using the LOR 485 dongle and the built in ethernet. So I have two cables to run. One to aLOR controller and 1 to the Alphapix.  All is working, though the XL scheduler is not working. 

So you are probably wondering... what is my question. 

I need to know if it is easier to merge my existing LOR sequences with my megatree sequences if I switch to SS?  I have never used SS.

I need some honest opinions - should I purchase SS ($200) because it is so much easier to blend my AC lights (LOR controllers) to SS,  I will actually get some sleep and my show will be up and running quickly. 

Admittedly, I have not spent the time I should have making this decision 8 months or more ago.  

Your expertise will help me make a decision.   

I apologize for the sense of urgency... I know all of you are busy this time of year, but I have a lot of people expecting me to have my show running this week and your time is very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom, 

Robert -aka  zeighty

Post Script - I did not ask this above, will SS or S4 or S5 (when released) output both LOR protocol and e.131?  I made the assumption that it would not be a problem to use S4 & SS with my Alphapix.  

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Your last question is easy.  LOR S4 or S5 will output both LOR networks and E1.31 as long as you have an Advanced or Pro level LOR software license.

As for the first part, lots of opinions will abound, but my recommendation is get SuperStar.  I sequence EVERYTHING in SuperStar.  Been using it for six years.


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