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how to add dmx dumb pixel to SS sequencer

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so i purchased a holidaycoro 3 channel dumb controller and a strip of dumb rgb pixels. i have a holidaycoro alphapix4 with 1 rs485 output running e1.31 and 2 lor 16 channel legacy units running with my usb adapter to the laptop. my question is this, how do i add it to visualizer (i.e universe 5?) so that when i use SS instant sequencer it would write it into the sequence. such as do i use string pixels and set up to universe 5 and select 50 pixels or just 3 pixels. i put in my visualizer i have so far just not sure it is correct. tommorow i plan to wire in the 3 channel to my alphapix4 and see what happens. also if anyone can confirm how to wire in the 3 channel controller to my alphapix4 and use it would be great and any help would be appreciated thankyou in advanced


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ok i figured it out and i figured i post the stupid thing i forgot in case someone down the road needs this and it helps  them. well it turns out i did everything correct except i did not go into SE and select network preferences and setup dmx universe 9. i thought because i set it up on the controller that, that would be the same thing. i hope this saves someone down the line.

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