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Help with CCR ribbon and Pixie 2 controller

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I need a little help ..... 
I have purchased a CCR II cosmic color ribbon (2 ribbons) and the Pixie 2 controller. I want to use this controller and CCR  by itself for right now. I have named the controller ID as 0F because I will eventually put it into the show with the rest of my controllers the last controller I added was for a pixel tree 8 channel and it took ID's 7 - 0E.
I have set up in the network preferences for this controller and said it was Regular LOR network and enhance speed.I am using the red USB adapter. I am able to see the controller in the hardware utility and I can turn on the lights on the ribbons using the HU. 
I have opened the Pixel editor and made 2 props (1 for each Ribbon), not sure if that is the correct thing to do or not.
In the prop section, I chose unconnected line 50 nodes and 1 segment. Again not sure if this is correct.

I created a test sequence and added each prop (ribbon 1 and ribbon 2). I selected the color wash effect and added it into the sequence and pressed start. One of the ribbons lit up but the other did not. I am not sure what I have done wrong or what I may have missed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Alan Jones


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