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Odd pixel activity... and ideas?

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I have three cosmic color devices... Two ccp bullet pixel sets and one set of bulbs...they all act a little goofy, any ideas on what could fix it?

All of them do as they are supposed to, but the first pixel on each strand of bullet pixels will blink on and off when it's supposed to be just on solid...and there is one random bulb in the bulb set that is just blue all day and returns to blue anytime that bulb has no activity...it works fine when it has a command, but when it is inactive, it just goes blue...just one bulb...not sure what to try... Any ideas?

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The blue pixel is likely a bad pixel that always has a stuck blue. Let me guess, it’s a dim blue?

For the blinking pixels, is it a evenly spaced on/off cycle or is it semi-random?  If evenly spaced, how fast is it alternating?


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It is indeed a dim blue...bad pixel, eh? That's a bummer, these are brand new this year...

I think the blinking is evenly spaced, but it's only when the light is on solid that it's noticeable...if it's off, nothing happens...

And then the third set seems to display like an average of the string...not sure if that even makes sense...if something is on the string, it stays on slightly...I am not sure how best to describe it, so I went out and took a video  of all three instances  - thank you for your response! Any help you could provide from the video would be great!


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