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Has anyone bought one of these?? Can you program something in and have it turn off and on with LOR and keep the program?? THANKS!!

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Bought it and returned it. 

If it loses power, it requires a manual power button push to turn on. 

If it retains power, it automatically turns of after 6 hours and automatically turns back on 18 hours after it turned off. 

When turned on, it automatically displays the holiday theme set it was last displaying when it turned off.

It will store up to 10 messages that you enter/edit.

It will not display multiple messages in rotation. You must manually select a different message,

The keyboard has no period character!

It will not automatically display the stored message(s) when it turns on. 

You cannot create any kind of “program”.

Not that it matters for LOR users but it has no audio out jack. 

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