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Assistance with LOR Software for 2018?

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Hello Everyone!

I hope your displays are out and in full effect! 

I will be having my first show in 2018 and have been researching, gathering lights, and building props in preparation for my first show next year. I am trying to do all of the leg work and not rush into things.

With that being said, my question is:

Would anyone of you be willing to assist me in learning the LOR Software next year? To learn the basics? I'm tech savvy, but I know I will need assistance in some areas. 

You all have been truly helpful in all questions I ask and I'm so grateful for all of your knowledge and patience as I learn. 

Again, thank you so much! 



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LOR has some tutorials on their website and you can also find many users that have posted them on youtube or vimeo.


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Sticks4legs had it right to start.  There are some other tutorials that people have put together.  George Simmons has done online classes in the past.  I don't know if he will be doing those again.  One thing that might help is for you to update your profile with your location.  Also, what part or parts of the software do you expect to use (Sequence Editor, SuperStar, Pixel Editor), and using S4 or S5?  The answers to that may help determine who can help.


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