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How to stop hanging, red pixels.

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I have two mega trees running off of two Pixcon16 controllers.  I set them up a couple of weeks ago and noticed I have hanging red pixels when I plug them in, and when I run any sequences.  It's not consistently the same pixels, and it's only the red that hangs.  I bought them from Wow Lights, and they had mentioned that maybe it's a firmware issue.  So I updated the firmware, but they are still sticking on.  I'll have anywhere between 6 to 12 pixels at any given time stuck on.

Anyone else come across this issue?


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Never with those controllers, but I have had pixels stick. Sometimes I have added an extra wire to ground in the string, and that has helped. Not sure if it would help you thorough. Another thing to check is the power supply, make sure its the correct voltage when everything is powered up. 

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