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CCR Pixie controller issues with assets staying on

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Think i posted the below in the wrong section so reposted here as it seems more relevant - if anyone has any ideas please let me know as its spoiling the show :-(


After a successful first year last year with no issues, im having problems with a pixie 16 controller leaving artifacts  on my 12 ribbon tree. Any thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

My setup has 2 circuits - standard circuit running all other elements (including the LOR wifi link to a remote box) and the separate Aux network running at high speed with 2 x twinned pixie 16 controllers each running 12 ribbons and 3 separate 50wFloods.

The two pixie controllers share the same address so the content appears on both - but my issue is that the first in the circuit keeps leaving random pixels and colors turned on during the sequences  which then clear after the sequence moves on to the next element- sometimes a set of 3 sometimes 6 or 9  - on any one of the 12 ribbons that make up the tree. The 2nd controller in the circuit doesnt display this behavior and runs without issue.

so far i have:

separated the circuit fully from any other components

resaved the sequences into new location

Tried compressed and uncompressed files

Any suggestions as to what else i could try here?


Many thanks





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Normaly when you have artifacts left in the pixels it is one of two things:

1) Speed, make sure you have a high speed adapter and the speed set to 500k with an enhanced network.

2) Distance, on the tree that is having issues, how far from the controller to the first pixel?


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Mr P - thank you - sometimes the obvious doesn't stand out....(Doh!) . the tick was missing on enhanced - was running at 500k but not on enhanced - Thank you for your help ...

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