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Issues loading control panel

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sort of a newbie with issues   I was in this game 2 years ago, then sold my house and moved in November of last year didnt really have the time to set this up, so took a year off, fast forward to this year and everything seems to work except the control panel will not load, so i am unable to enable shows???if I check compatibility it comes up with box that says do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to  make changes to this computer if i hit yes nothing happens   please help Im already 3 days past my launch day??????

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Have you completely rebooted all the way to power off.

Do you have admin rights. Try right clicking on the CP icon and Run as Admin.

Last resort is a re install of LOR.

By the way you might want to post your LOR version in your signature so we can help more. Also helps to know your OS.


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1 hour ago, Dennis Laff said:

If your email address is different since you moved you might not be able to open light o Rama  without contacting them 

Change in email address wouldn't have anything to do with not being able to enable the shows.

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