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AR02 Saving Files

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Have you tried refreshing the file list (F5)?

If that doesn't work, then your file isn't being saved. Here is what happens when you save a sequence (and several other file types in S5):

1) The sequence gets saved to a temporary file

2) If there is a backup version of the sequence (.BAK), it is deleted

3) The existing LOREDIT file is renamed to be the backup (.BAK)

4) The temporary file from step #1 is renamed with an LOREDIT extension

This provides a measure of safety when saving your sequence.


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Hey Matt I went into a S5 File changed one Thing, Saved it using both the save and save as features, and created a playback file.  Now I closed down the program and the only thing that has today's date is the .play.las and the .play.las.pe.lid files. The loredit file is still the old date.

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