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Video not full screen

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I have 14 sequences on my play list.  When executing my play list (all sequences set to full screen video), inevitably one or two sequence will just display the thumbnail video.  I have a video projector connected to my laptop which rear projects through one of my windows to an outdoor video screen.  Full screen video starts following a momentarily thumbnail video, but a sequence or two just stay thumbnail size.  I've tried removing the thumbnail sequences, but the problem just show up on another sequence.  I'm wondering if something in my laptop might be interrupting the switch from thumbnail to full screen.  I've shut down internet access and antivirus scans on the laptop.  Any ideas?

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Have you tried updating your video drivers? If you have an Intel-based laptop, Intel has a very nice utility that searches for updated drivers:


Another option is to change the mode for the second monitor from "extended desktop" to "duplicate desktop".


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Confirmed "duplicate" mode.  Not sure if the video drivers were updated or already up to date as the message was "drivers are up to date."  I have 14 sequences in my show editor.  Two of the sequences consistently display as thumbnails.  Those two sequences come up full screen when in the sequence editor.  One of the sequences I tried to redo by copying existing code into a new blank sequence.  No change.  I've removed those two sequences from the show editor and all is well at show time.  Not sure if switching to another computer or reloading the Light O Rama program would help.  Not sure how to diagnose a sequence.



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