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Justin Barkevich

Whats a good setup to start with?

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I'm very interested in addressable RGB's but scared to find out I can't program them and make it look good.  I'm thinking I have a budget around $3-4K.  The other issue I have is what and where to put the light so it looks right.  I have a colonial and not much to look at.  7 windows and a straight roof line for 1st and 2nd floor.  I live in the northeast and I'm concerned about placing rights on the peak of the roof.  (Snow). Any help and advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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IMHO don't try and do all with a single (or few as possible) controllers. (I am a fan of controllers near the props. CAT5 and AC cord to power the controller/PSU seems to me to be easier to make work.

Smart RGB hate long leads. There are tricks, but that makes it more complicated.

Dumb RGB is more forgiving, but you do need to watch total current per port, length of end to end strings. A ' feed at the leg of T',  mitigates voltage drop, issues but you still need to watch Amperes per output.


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