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Prop "Subsections or Regions" in S5

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Just curious, but I thought I read somewhere you could create regions or subsections within a prop in S5.  For example, on a snowflake, you can define a single prop called a snowflake and then identify the node numbers that make up that arm as a "region or subsection"  I can not find any references in the forum here.  Am I just dreaming, or did I really see/hear that somewhere? I know I could create a custom prop for each section and then create a group, but that feels to be a brute force method.  Is there a more efficient method?

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Good question! Yes you can, but the subsections are rectangular. Right-click on the name of a motion effect row, then select "Motion Effect Row Properties". In the pop-up window, click the radio button for "Apply effects in this row to a rectangular subset of pixels". Then specify the region.

Note that this is a property of the motion effect row, so it is part of the sequence (not the preview). If you want to use the same subregion definitions in another sequence, you will need to use Sequence > Channel Configuration > Export (then import on the other sequence).


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Matt, I was able to come close to my desired result using the "Motion Effect Row Properties" on one of my props but it was still not very elegant and required what appears to be a lot of wasted time.  This feature not being completed in the preview created a lot of wasted time.  The fact that it is only rectangles is also somewhat limiting on organic shapes.

If I may make a feature request.  It would be tremendously beneficial if we could layout a single prop in the preview and then define the subregions by identifying the actual node numbers in the custom prop definition.  I know this may be blurring the lines with Superstar a bit, but it would give those who do not need the full flexibility of SS yet would like a little more granualarity in prop creation.

Lovin' S5, but there are some things like this that should be added soon.

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