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Power loss with 12 volt pixels

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I bought pixels and made 3 arcs today. I made my own extensions using 18 AWG 5 conductor air conditioning control wire I got new at Lowe's. I plugged them in and experienced some problems. They flash random colors but they are getting power nonetheless. I figured that I am getting power loss within the communication wire not the power. I tested the power wires (red and black) while they were plugged in and still got the 12.6V I was hoping to see. But, when I tested between the data wire (green) and the ground wire (black), while it had no load, was 0.345 VAC. When I plugged it into the pixels, it dropped to the millivolts range. I am ready to spend $40 on extensions on LORs website, but before I do I would like to know if anyone has suggestions

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Data is pulsed.  Your DVM will not do justice. (you were probably reading cross talk, that went away with any load) There is no 'power (current) behind the clock. I would not expect to see any drop. 

If you had used a 'logic probe', you might see the data status light flash. Thermostat/Sprinkler wire has the ampacity.  It may be too lossey for high frequency (clocks). Lets wait to see if any others have used this with success.

12.6 at the string end? possible, if there are no lights (load)


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I got rid of that cable and used Cat5 ethernet cable. Works flawlessly because it it data cable. Works good. That is what I figured. Thank you very much.

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