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How to Design Preview With Multiple "Stages"

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I have a basic question that I cannot find on the forum or searches.

The Preview capability (especially in S5) is a requirement for visualizing a display. I have followed the tutorials and YouTube videos that seemed relevant, but I cannot find an answer to the following.

I have a good sized ranch that is on a corner lot. I cannot get a picture that captures both the "front" of the house and the driveway entrance. My house has many angles to it and is long, and a single photograph will not contain all of the "faces" of the house. Since the S5 software (I realize it is beta) requires a preview to be built prior to sequencing, I have tried to honor this demand but in essence I will have multiple "stages" (e.g. one photograph cannot provide the background image to incorporate both "faces" of the house).

How do I do that in the software?

How do I "join" (figuratively) the two stages to have LOR control the entire "two stage show"?

I'm having a hard time visualizing (Ha!) in my mind how to accomplish this using the LOR S5 suite.

Thanks for any help!


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