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System OutOfMemoryException when Upgrading the Sequence from S4

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Running 5.0.14 

First time loading an S4 sequence which has been edited in both PE and SE I get the "Upgrading the Sequence" dialogue box. The dialogue stays up for several minutes until the OS pops up an error:

System OutOfMemoryException

Initial part of stack trace:

************** Exception Text **************
System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
   at System.String.CreateStringFromEncoding(Byte* bytes, Int32 byteLength, Encoding encoding)
   at System.Text.UTF8Encoding.GetString(Byte[] bytes, Int32 index, Int32 count)
   at ‭‬‏‭‭‫‪‬‏‎‭‪‏‬‭‌‏‍‎‌‫‍‫‎‮[-](UInt32 )
   at ‍‫‌‍‪‬‫‍‭‏‬‭‌‏‎‭‍‌‪‮‌‪‬‎‮.‪‍‭‬‎‍‭‏‏‫‎‮‮‎‬‍‭‫‭‍‌‮(Int32 , Int32 )
   at ‍‫‌‍‪‬‫‍‭‏‬‭‌‏‎‭‍‌‪‮‌‪‬‎‮.‍‍‏‭‮‎‬‮‫‭‬‭‍‪‫‫‍‏‭‭‮‏‪‮‪‮(Int32 , Int32 , ‍‏‌‮‪‌‏‏‍‬‏‮‎‎‪‪‬‍‬‫‎‎‬‮‪‮ , ‍‏‌‮‪‌‏‏‍‬‏‮‎‎‪‪‬‍‬‫‎‎‬‮‪‮ , ‍‏‌‮‪‌‏‏‍‬‏‮‎‎‪‪‬‍‬‫‎‎‬‮‪‮ )
   at ‍‏‌‮‪‌‏‏‍‬‏‮‎‎‪‪‬‍‬‫‎‎‬‮‪‮.‏‭‬‫‎‎‮‫‏‭‌‎‏‭‪‌‌‌‌‌‮‬‫‮(Int32 , Int32 )
   at LightORama.Sequence.SequenceItemRgbAggregates.UpdateAll()
   at ‍‮‍‏‮‫‏‪‌‮‪‍‫‬‫‍‍‏‮‍‫‍‮.‎‏‬‍‭‮‎‬‪‍‫‍‮‭‮‏‏‎‫‫‫‏‏‫‮(‏‌‎‫‭‌‎‫‎‌‫‫‫‬‏‭‪‍‭‮ )
4G RAM/CPU available - looks like 1 CPU was being used.
I do have a visualization loaded.
Sequence is larger (30M not counting video files).
I can zip of sequence and make it available if helpful.
Note that I am able to load smaller S4 sequences (say a few megs).

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This can occur during the sequence upgrade process when a pixel-based prop is defined in the Pixel Editor preview with Sequence Method = "Sequence Editor" and the RGB color order is different in the preview vs. the Sequence Editor. This will be fixed in the next beta release, in that the upgrade process will complete successfully. However, the upgraded sequence will display the wrong colors due to the user error in preview definition.


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Running on 5.0.14

have the same problem, can´t import old sequences from S4.

greetz, Mark


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