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I have been running LOR for about 7 years now, and this year I was getting everything all set up. was working great,until this morning. I started the HU, hit refresh, and it finds 1, 3 sometimes 7 of my units ( I have 10 hooked up as of now) but only 1 time did it find all 10. now it is showing 9, of which 8 of them are showing as unknown devices?and it doesnt find unit #1, which is 2nd in line (0A being first). any suggestions? I replaced cat5 cables ect, all units are powered up, and the lights are solid inside, not blinking?


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What speed is your network port set to?

I went thru the same. Threw out some CAT5 (no e, but should have been fine for RS485), added termination at the last (open) daisy-chain port.

Changed the port speed (rs485HS) to 500K.  have not seen this since

ALL devices on the network must support 500K.  If not, split into 2 (or more) networks. Fast and slow (And color code the network cables to keep thing straight :P )

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