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Creating a schedule to just play music after show is shutdown

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Is there a way to play music while shows are not running? for example I plan on running 7 songs/sequences I made in a loop from 5PM-11PM every day of the week and obviously the music is piped through a FM transmitter for people sitting in car BUT I would like to have this hour long music mix I have of about 20 Christmas songs just play (no lights) while the show is done so from 11PM-5PM. 

I saw that in the show builder if I add the 1 hour track to a "music sequence" area it will loop but it wont actually stop at 5PM, it will carry over until the 1 hour track is done playing. If I add it as a startup sequence it will cut off at 5PM but it wont actually loop so I would have to add the track like 19 times to the startup sequence 

Any other ideas to do this? thanks guys

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If you really want to do it in LOR you could create a blank sequence for each piece of music and create a show or put them in MIIP and make a show. If you were to do this route you could also add some low intensity very slow color changing lights as background for the overnight hours.

Or, you could use a music player and create a playlist  and loop that using Windows Scheduler to start and stop it.

Or, you could look into Zara Radio, a free (I think) music broadcasting program, but that might be overkill for what you want.

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Phil gave you lots of options - any of which would work.  From a LOR standpoint, the easiest would be a show that has musical sequences with no lights.  I run Zara Radio to broadcast music on my FM any time the show is not running.  Zara (yes, it's free) would be overkill for what you want to do.


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