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Help With E1.31 + LOR Setup

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Here is where I am as of this morning.

I am able to use xLights to test that my universes are setup right on the controller & that the computer & controller are connected. In xLights everything works.

Now when I go to LOR & try I get nothing. So my thoughts & correct me if wrong is that the setup in LOR is not correct


There is something else that is not checked correctly. The computer & controller seem not to be talking.3


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Afternoon update


I think the biggest problem I was having was with cop & paste, but first this is what I did today.

I went into network preferences & Clicked on each universe & deleted the port 5568 & reinstalled it as 5568. Did this to make sure everything was correct we all know about auto fill

Then went in & added 2 more universes so I had 16 which matched the controller even though I am only using 12

Last I went to the sequences & re did them all. When I first did the sequences I copy & pasted all 12 channels at one time. This did not work so on the new sequences I copy & pasted each universe one at a time now working.

You tell me what made a difference I do not know but happy all is working.

Thanks all for your help


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