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I thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone could give me some advice. I need to do 2 shows this year, one at a fixed location and a smaller one that will be mobile.  They will be using separate hardware and network setups.  I have a mix of RGB pixels running 1.31 and some AC lights running LOR network.  One show will be running an AlphaPix16 and 9 LOR controllers.   The other will be running an AlphaPix4 and 1 LOR controller.   I’m running v 5.0.12.   I have created 2 distinct previews, 1 for each show and the associated props with the appropriate UID I set in the channel summary.

i’m programming and testing both from my laptop    I plan on moving the larger show to another laptop to run it and use my laptop for the mobile show   

In S5, where is the network setup and config located and referenced?  Is it associated with the Preview or is it common across all previews?  I know when I try to create playback files it gives me network associated information.  Any advice on the best way to tackle this would be much appreciated.


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Network setup is defined in 2 places. The networks themselves are defined in LOR Network Preferences/Configuration -- where you define any DMX universes and the comm port for each LOR network. LOR Network Preferences has an import/export function that allows you to switch between configurations, or copy the information to another computer. The import/export files are stored at: \Light-O-Rama\Network\SavedConfigurations

The rest of the network setup is defined in the preview. A backup copy of the preview used by a sequence is stored in the sequence file (.LOREDIT). So if you copy that file to another computer and open it, and its preview doesn't exist on that computer, then the copy of the preview stored in the sequence will automatically be loaded onto that computer. The master list of previews is stored here: \Light-O-Rama\CommonData\LORPreviews.xml


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