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Does anyone know if there is a desire by LOR to patch the software so that there is an option for the start time of a show to be controlled by the scheduler instead of the length of the sequences within the show?

The "quirk" I'm seeing is that I have a show scheduled to start at the top of each hour from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  I have around 20:00 minutes (6 songs) of programmed sequences then about 39:45 minutes (10 songs) of fill sequences within the show for a total of 59:45 minutes (less then an hour).  By the scheduled 11:00 PM start, the show isn't starting until 11:05 PM.  I think the lag is being caused by the delay between each sequence within the show.  I have eliminated one of the fill sequences completely to bring the total time of the show to under 57:00 minutes but the issue remained.

It would be great to have an option (just a check box somewhere) to allow the show to start at the times that were actually scheduled instead of the start time being controlled by the sequences within the previous show in the schedule.

Just a thought.


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