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License Does Not Cover this Version for Beta

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FYI, we had a registration issue with the latest version of S5.  Depending on where you were in the scheme of things (amount of time left on license, was it good for S5, did you have pro, etc) you may have got an error saying 'Your license does not cover this version...'

Ooops!  Our Bad!  We forgot to update something on our registration server.  If you previously got that error, be sure you re-register now.  Things will work much better.

Sorry again (and thank Tor for fixing it!)

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Tried to register and still getting registration error, was this for the issue I was having with being in demo mode ?


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If I go on to check my license version it says,

License Status


Your license does not cover the latest version, 5.0.*. To use this version, you will have to purchase a license renewal.

However, you can continue to use version 4.6.* or lower without renewing your license.


LOR Feature Level: Pro
SuperStar Feature Level: 40_CCR
Max Version: 4.6.*

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