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Prop Definition: Lines - Unconnected

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When you create a multi segment line such as here (1)


you get the # of segments shown in a straight line with (in this case) 4 segments. There is a nice #1 to show the beginning of the line and you can assume a left to right count of the DMX channels.

However when you press save it then shows (2)


a different shape, where is #1 pixel (Zoom in a lot and its blue), ok which is #26, which is # 100?.

If I am to create a shape here I need to know which line is which and which way around it should go....


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Under "Format"  select "Preferences".  Then select "Show Pixel Numbers on Selected Props".





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Is the square shown in you picture the shape you are trying to draw or is it some other shape?

If you want 4 individual lines that you can move where you like try using Matrix-Vertical-Rectangle. Create this prop 4 times, that will allow you to be able to move them where and how you want, and then create them as a group or groups.



Is this is not what you are after then disregard, I misread your question.


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Tim (Pyrotech) -

Tim, that helped a lot.... thanks a lot!
Makes for a crowded illustration; my suggestion would be a view option that shows the 1st LED in each line.
By example if you had 4 lines of 25. Show/highlight with a pixel numbers 1, 26, 51, and 76. thoughts? 



Alan (Default) - 

Alan, yes it is so I can draw a prop from 4 lines. That I know how to do, the issue was that the tool created 4 lines for me and I had no problem moving the around, the problem was which line had which pixels? Pyrotech solved that issue for me by telling me where the hidden clicker was.

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