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Pixie16 with CCR-II

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3 hours ago, joe3502 said:

But I have the base unit of the Pixie16 set at 3 but the regular 16PC channels still control the pixels.

BTW- what version software are you using? 

I pm'd you my # give me a call tomorrow after 10 am EST and we will resolve this very quickly.


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Joe.. I know this is an older thread, but saw you were waiting to 2018 to do your ribbons.  Unfortunately, I did not find this thread until after I ran into the same problem as you.  However, in my testing I purchased a ribbon from Holiday Coro.  Their ribbon’s color order is RGB, which matches LOR’s pixels.  

That means that you would be able to run the ribbons and pixels from the same Pixie controller.  You would just need to switch out the pigtail on the controller.

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