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Sorry for the stupid questions here but I am trying to come up the learning curve fast.

I just bought the Pixel Tree Kit (http://store.lightorama.com/whpitrkit16s.html) in an attempt to get back into the L-O-R display space since I last used it a few years ago with S3. S5 seems to have cleaned up alot of the things i used to hate about S3 (yeah!). But here we are - about to be November, so I need to move fast :)

The Pixel Tree Kit is "in the mail" so I am experimenting with S5 somewhat blind right now. The kit uses the Pixie8 so i wanted to see if someone can show me a screen shot so I know I got it right. (In particular I beleive it would be considered RGB Pixels and the channels settings are setup per the 3rd column. (see screen shot attached).

I'm not seeing where you can load in someone elses prop file here either. Maybe some insight on that would be good too :)

image.thumb.png.5f10de653356ffc13a93b63092402231.png N



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I am using 3 of them and have them setup thusly....

left most panel same as yours

middle panel:  tree360 wedges, my truncate cones  and tilt forward  set to 0 start location bottom back CCW the rest same as yours

this part depends how you connect the controller when you set the tree up.....

right panel:  enter channel on first row selected,  next item not selected, separate unit # for each string selected selected, max circuit 150

Hope this helps I can't email screen shots.

Works just fine

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@stevehoyt is correct. The key change you need to make is that "Separate Unit # for each RGB string" needs to be checked.


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thanks everyone. Still waiting on that tree to arrive. Order placed 22nd Oct, current scheduled arrival info in Nov 8th. bit disappointed by that, but we persevere....

from a software point of view, you have been extremely helpful - thanks!

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