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JMW-S5-008 Brightness Slider Issue

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Report Number: JMW-S5-008

Module: Sequence Editor - Motion Effect Generator

Software Version: 5.0.10

OS Version: Windows 10

I convert a sequence from S4 to S5. The conversion goes well, with no error messages. The Problem: 50%-60% of the manual brightness mode settings are converted incorrectly.There are 3 problems, 2 of which can be seen in the attached screenshot.
--The actual brightness of the effect is much higher that the original setting in S4 (you can't tell this from the screenshot, but it is). Many times it appears that the effect is at maximum brightness when played in the sequencer.
--The the second two problems deal with the Manual Mode Brightness slider and associated number (I love the numbers in S5) in the Motion Effect Generator,  and both are wrong. Notice in the screen shot that the number is 4, while the slider is set much higher. Again, remember that a test with the actual lights shows that the lights are probably set at and are showing maximum (or close to it) brightness.

For every motion effect in the sequence (100s), I have to double click on each one, and then change the setting back to what it should be ( 11 ticks from the left in S4). Note: This problem is not new to this release. It was happening in earlier S5 releases and I didn't have a chance to report it.

Repeatability: This happens in every sequence that I have converted from S4 to S5.

Here is a link to the screenshot, since the forums refuse to take the file: https://1drv.ms/i/s!Aor4cHE_ElMqqWrwNATET-EGY2aJ .

Jim W


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I tried converting your "ShowIntro 2015 PE" sequence. I looked through all of the effects on your "tune to" sign. It looks to me like the manual brightness slider *position* is correct (i.e. got converted from PE correctly and always displays correctly in the S5 Effect Generator). I did find a bug with the manual brightness *numeric value* where it was often times initialized incorrectly when the Effect Generator opened. This bug will be fixed in the next beta release.

Does this explain the issues you were seeing? If not, can you provide a specific example (screen shot from PE vs. screen shot from S5)?


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