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help with pixie16 needed freeshape

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Hello helpfull lightfriends

I want to create my own shape with smartpixels driven by pixie 16, so not using dmx pixels but normal controller id and lor pixels. for some shape threre are wizards, but how for a freeform shape?

for instance, within xlights you use some kind of speadsheet like setup. how to do that within lor?

If I do not see the obvious, please enlight my brain.


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The easiest way would be to find a picture/drawing (black/white works good) and use that as your background in Visualizer. Then use one of the draw tools in Visualizer to trace it. You could just freehand it.

If you are looking for ideas to build with a Pixie16, I made a Blade Spinner last year that's really looks great. Here is a "how I did it" thread. I even included the Visualizer .lee file in the post you can download and look at how I created the .lee file.

What kind of prop did you have in mind?



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good morning all

While trying to use the pixie 16, I encounter that it is a pita device.  The technical info says it is capable of driving up to 100 pixels, in fact is it 50, all above 50 is not supported in the visualizer, and pixels above 50 are working unpredictable. I use a networkspeed of 500k, and still lose lots of pixels.  What a bad product. 

original text from the website:  Each port can control up to 100 smart RGB pixels over a standard LOR network.

In Lor 5 it should be better, but to use a beta release in order to use a pixie 16 is a marketing scam.

My ELOR form sandevices even works better with is own small problems. as not capable to 500k speed for instance, but even at the lower networkspeed it performs better. I can drive my 62 pixels without a problem with it. just bought a pixie16 to use the 500k speed, And I am using only 8 ports so far. Not even 16, but it will end in the garbagebin I think.

Who thought LOR would create such a monsterproduct.

Had to have this of my chest this morning.


Dick de Wit

The Netherlands


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