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Adding CMB24D to 64

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I know this has been asked, but I currently have 4 controllers. How do I add then program my sequences for the CMB24d add-on? I've watched several youtube tutorials, but I'm very amateur and need step by step. If you could help or point me toward an earlier answer I'd appreciate it

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If you don't already have a Basic Plus level, you need to upgrade (at least) to that as it allows up to 4 controllers (of the per board, license kind).

Do you have just the bare boards (no case or PSU)?  Are you planning on 12V or 5V (or mix) banks? (not that it matters to the program).

Have you set the Id's (1 is done, 2,3,4)? Tested the outputs ?

What lights (floods,strings, strips) are you using (assumes RGB) Any monochrome channels planned (I use some for simple candy canes)?

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