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I have a 50x16 CCR matrix. I am looking for techniques to create snow fall.

I know I can create an image of a single pixel and set it to start at the top and work it's way to the bottom. But for snow there would be hundreds of snow flakes falling not to mention keeping up with new snow fall to make it look natural through an entire song.

any ideas?


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Depending on version of LOR software you are using, this is very do able.

In the new S5.08 beta, it could be done with the effects generator. It is available here. (keep in mind this a beta release)

If you want don't to try the beta of S5, it can be done in the latest S4 ver 4.3.24 downloadable here.

Both version use the Effects Generator, in S4 ver 4.3.24, it is available from the Pixel Editor.

This gif is actually from the S5 version, but it is very similar to the S4 version of  effects generator. I posted it so you could what settings are available for snowflakes.

Hope this helps.





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