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Video in LOR sequencing

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Hi all.
I am new to this and I want to add video to my LOR Show. 
I have S 4.3. 14 Pro and I cant figure out how to get video to work.
I create a new project and add the video file (MP4) .  LOR .converts the media and opens in the SE screen with the audio of the file on display
I then click Edit >Preferences>Video Preferences. and check "Display Video" and "Use full screen"  I select the video monitor to be used - which is the laptop screen that I am using
Then I click  View>Video  Show video and full screen is ticked.
When I press play , the  SE scrubber runs across the screen. The audio is heard, the channel buttons flash, but I do not see video anywhere.

What have I done wrong, or not done to enable the video to display ? 
I only have a laptop with the laptop screen.  No other monitor connected. 

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Here is an older thread that maybe helpful. I think the video has to be AVI, it has been a log time since I did this.



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Thank you Alan.  The problem was the codecs and the container.  Converting the MP4 to AVI  solved the problem . :D


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