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RGB Lights - LOR vs. Others, Any Difference?

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Wondering there is a big difference in adding RGB to a current standard LOR lightshow when comparing RGB lights from LOR versus RGB lights from another supplier? Meaning, is it inherently easier to add the RGB controllers from LOR versus a new and possibly less compatible controller from HolidayCoro? I know HolidayCoro is compatible, just not sure if it's a hassle to add-on. If it's the same effort to add RGB regardless of where is comes from, I may need to buy at least some of my lighting from faster shippers. I'd prefer to stick with LOR but their shipping delays make it hard for me to plan.

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RGB lights from LOR are more "plug-n-play" then ones from other vendors. With LOR you assign a unit ID and they start playing on the LOR network. RGB lights from other vendors such as HC are usually used on the E1.31 network as they are not as compatible and have more programming involved such as networking and IP addresses.

There are pros and cons to each: LOR units come built, programmed, work directly on their network but usually cost a little more. Other vendors you have to build yourself, program, use on E.31 but cost a little less.

LOR does offer build your own kits which will save you some money as well.

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