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Enhance Request - Different Color in Sequencer then on Visualizer

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I have several props that are white lights, so I set them up in Visualizer as White.  Unfortunately, that makes them white in the sequencer window, as well.  White on the grey background makes it almost impossible to see, especially when trying to hunt down the little mystery flashes that creep into sequences now and again (little slivers that you don't see on screen, but flash lights, usually from not noticing that the timing of a light creeped slightly into the next column).    It would be great if I could set their color separately for the sequencer window.  I like seeing them correctly in Visualizer, but the white on grey is difficult.  


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This has been an issue for me even in S4. Some of the DMX settings I use have a value of 10. This causes only a small line to be shown in the grid. I either change colors or hover over the area to see the setting. The question for me is what color would work best and not screw up some other color clearly seen with grey background.



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I haven't seen S5 at all, so I don't know if this is a S4 question or S5 question.

However, at least in S4 you can change the color of something once you have it in the visualizer. If you re-import the channels then you might overwrite the colors assigned, but you can always change them back.

(And if this is a S4 question, it shouldn't be in the open beta section.)

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