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I know i am in the minority of lor users but i still keep all my controls mounted inside and run the wires out from there. I am looking to see of the people that do this, if anyone has any pictures of how they mounted all of there controllers. I am running the diy kits with the original 16 channel blue boards and then some planet christmas boards as well. Just wanting to revamp my setup and would prefer to keep them inside since I already have all the wiring made up. thank you

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I have (3) of my controllers, G3-MP3, amplifier and FM transmitter all mounted on a pegboard frame that is screwed into my garage wall. When season is over, I unscrew and store indoors.

The other (6) controllers and Pixcon16 are mounted in the yard or on the house close to my props. I cover enclosures with black heavy duty garbage bags. Never had any issues.


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