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DF05 S5 SE adds 57K to play.lms file when no edits or no effects added

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Report Number: DF05
Module: S5 Sequence Editor
Software Version: 5.08 Pro
OS Version: Windows 10
Description: S5 SE adds 57K to play.lms file when no edits or no effects added

The base file Johnny B Good.lms is an S4 version of this song. Copied directly from another PC running S4

In this picture I ran Show Editor, picked Johnny B Good.lms as the sequence, saved, and ran show on demand to produce the Johnny B Good.lms.lcs (compressed file)


In this picture I loaded Johnny B Good.lms into S5, I picked my Preview, the sequence was upgraded, played once, NO edits were done or added, saved as Johnny B Good.loredit, then I Created Playback files. Opened Show Editor, added Johnny B Good.play.lms. Ran Show On Demand to create a Compressed file.


My question is why did original Johnny B Good.play.lms upgraded to S5 add 57K worth of file size to the original Johnny B Good.lms file? Again NO edits or effects were added, it was played once then saved.

In this case it added almost 19K to  to the compressed file in S5 compared to the compressed file generated by not using S5 SE.

This seems to happen on all files I have upgraded, it gets worse if I copy/paste Superstar files saved in Legacy Mode into the base file with S5.

The end result of this is that it's a longer time for the shows to load into the Show Player.

If you need the files I can email them to you.

Thanks in advance.


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