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Messing around more with the timing map this year. Last couple years i have just randomly set the octaves to, well whatever. Would i get a better sequence by assigning the octaves, from say top of the house down to the fence line, or should the octaves be random? Would the windows be better at Octave 1 and the roof octave 5? Trying to figure out if certain props should be a certain octave.

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Doing from top to bottom, or bottom to top would make sense. Or you could try left right. The point is that if you do it in some kind of order there will be some parts of songs that you should see some kind of flow.

Realize that the different freqs are exactly that, different frequencies. And if there is a particular note in a song that is prominent it will tend to hit a few frequencies the strongest. But realize that in music, each note has harmonics also and so it will trigger a bigger range of frequencies than you might expect.

Nevertheless, in many of my sequences for 10 seconds or so I will put the same theme on all 12 ribbons of the tree, and then use the default freq assignment which assigns them low to high evenly. And you will see patterns flow across the ribbons when you do that. You should be able to see similar kinds of patterns flow across your light display. For example, look at 3:05 - 4:00 in this video of "Rock Ye Merry Gentlemen".


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