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DF04 SE changes prop design and color

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Report Number: DF04

Module: Sequence Editor

Software Version: Ver 5.08 Pro

OS Version: Win10


First to preface this Bug Report, I have been trying for days to get what I have Sequenced with S5 to actually see the Smart RGB props play in the Preview on screen or on actual props while playing the play.las/lms files through the Show on Demand. No joy. I am getting frustrated, and not interested in Sequencing anymore if I can't get the lights in the yard to go blinky blink. Any help with that would be great.

This problem has caused me to restart at the basics, with a simple preview file created in SE. It's a straight forward matrix prop made with a Pixie16. I can't even get to work in Preview or on props in the yard. grrr.

In my attempts to create/recreate many Previews that might work I came across this odd behavior from SE. I'm not sure this is a bug or just something I don't understand, but settings are changing without any input from me so it seemed like something to make you aware of. I included pictures to help visualize what I am attempting to explain and for you to verify my settings are correct.

I started by creating a new animation using the Matrix Preview titled

Here is a pic of the Matrix Preview I started with, with a pic of the Prop Design - Matrix page, and the Preview Information page.





I saved the New_Animation_3.loredit and "Created Playback Files" I ran the "New_Animation_3.play.las" through the Verifier. Here are the results. Warning 28, 29 tell me the Channel is completely Off and missing settings. I had no idea what this channel "c0" was or where it came from.



Just for grins, I created a dummy prop as pictured below and added it to the original Matrix Preview as shown below hoping that might add this mysterious channel.




I reloaded the "New_Animation_3.loredit" sequence with the new edited Matrix preview. I used Append Props to add the dummy prop in the View as shown below.



I was able to add effects to this prop. ie turn it on. When I played the sequence both the Matrix and Bulb lit up (the bulb represented by the square)



I saved the sequence and then "Created Playback Files" again. Next, I ran the newly saved "New_Animation_3.play.las" through the Verifier and this time No Errors (other than missing LORSequenceCompressor.exe missing Bug Report DF03)



I reloaded New_Animation_3.play.las into Sequence Editor, this time using the "Auto-generate a new preview using the channel information in the sequence" option. I was curious as to what channel info this would reveal.



The picture below shows the result. It added the c0 channel but not the Matrix prop. Also interesting is when I looked at the Prop Definition of the c0 channel, it had been renamed and changed the color to Red and had changed Max Circuits from 16 which I had set, to 512. Even though it still says bulbs, the picture shows the prop is now a star.




I have no idea what all this means. :) I'm just trying to get an S5 created sequence to make the lights on the props work and in my testing this is what I found.


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An update to this. I am now able to view the lights on the props, so no help needed there. I was under the impression (wrongly) that we should see RGB lights in the Preview when playing a *.play.lms file. I have no idea why my show PC wouldn't show the lights on the props, but it now works.


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