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Question on Motion Effects on 3 row Arch

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I have a question I'm hoping someone can help with.

We have two Boscoyo 3 Ring Arches.  Each ring has 42 pixels.  (Here is a demo video from Boscoyo so you can see how it's supposed to look  

When we built them, the pixels are run in a continuous string back and forth amongst the rows, like this:

Top Row Pixel 1 -> 42

Middle Row Pixel 84 <-43

Bottom Row Pixel 85 -> 126

So, whenever I add an effect that should make a leaping type arch, the top and bottom row go left to right, and the middle row goes right to left.  

Does anyone know of an easy way to set this up so that I can get all three rows doing the same thing?



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Try changing the middle rows starting pixel from the right side to the left side. Then use the Bar effect for testing. I just built these in Preview Editor and this seemed to work.


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