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S5 Programming Annoyances

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After spending some time in S5, I've found a few annoyances that I could see being fixed.  They're all relatively small, but they would improve workflow a lot.  Ideally these could be corrected with simple keyboard shortcuts, warning boxes, or simple fixes:

  1. If one accidentally clicks on the "lock" button found after most sliders within the Motion Effects Generator, it opens a dialog box.  The only way to exit this is to click out it.  It would be really nice just to hit ESC to close out of this. 
  2. A converse to the previous statement, I often find myself inside the Preview Design (Manage Previews) window accidentally pressing the ESC key.  It automatically exits the Preview Design window and doesn't save any changes.  I'd like this to warn me if I have unsaved changes when I'm laying out the display.  I've lost a fair amount of work this way.
  3. I can no longer double click on the sliders within the Motion Effects Generator to lock or unlock the slider mode. I have to click my way through one of the options in the Lock Button dropdown (taking several clicks).  Could we bring the double click functionality back -- and maybe have it default to the Linear Ramp function?  (And, for a even future development, add this into preferences -- so we can create a preference for where we'd like it to default to)
  4. I'd like to see the "Mode" button in the Motion Effects Generator be a toggle button instead of a dropdown menu and then a selection.  Currently this function lets you switch between two options; and it takes two clicks to accomplish a simple toggle.  Could that button -- instead of opening a dropdown menu, just toggle from Unicolor to Start/End Colors and vice versa? 

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Thanks for the great suggestions!

1) Since the dialog box doesn't have a "cancel" button, the escape key does not apply. However, the Enter key is a shortcut for the "OK" button on most forms and you can use that. The more cumbersome Alt-F4 Windows standard also works to close the dialog.

2) The escape key will no longer close the Preview Design window in the next beta release.

3) Double-clicking on a slider in the Effect Generator will toggle between linear ramp mode and locked mode in the next beta release.

4) Palette selection has been enhanced for the next release and the palette mode menu items are no longer necessary and have been removed.


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