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CCRs and Groups in 5.0.6 - New Musical Sequence

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I just made my first new sequence in 5.0.6. I used the visualizer definition that I brought over successfully with sequences from S4. In the converted sequences, my CCRs were set up as discrete channels in the non-pixel section of the sequences and work fine (except for the lack of macro control channels). But my individual manual sequencing worked great. My LOR network and all controllers are of the older variety and do not use the enhanced mode. Because of that, I cannot use enhanced mode at all. Of course, I use E1.31 Ethernet networks for the newer RGB controllers and lights.

In the new sequence that I generated, S5 put the CCRs in the pixel area and expect me to use a motion effect to run them. As expected, my CCRs do not work at all in this mode. I checked and, yes, in the new sequence the CCRs are defined as RGB Pixels with LOR channels, with the original LOR unit ID, a Start Circuit number of 1, and an End Circuit # of 150. Also, the CCRs in the converted sequences are setup the same way.

My question is obvious, at least to me. How do I move the CCRs back to the original 50 channel mode with attached macro "channels"? And why did S5 automatically convert my CCRs to motion effect RGB? How do I stop this automatic conversion in the future?

I also noticed one other thing. In the new sequence, my groups are gone. I had certain props listing in a grouping in S4 and the converted S5 sequences. In the new sequence, the groups are gone. Where did they go and how do I get them to automatically appear in any new sequences that I create?



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When creating a new sequence, there is a box at the bottom of the dialog window asking how many motion effect rows to create for each pixel-based prop. If you don't want any, set this to 0. Then, for any pixel props that you want to sequence at the channel level, right-click on the prop's name in the grid and select "Add channel level". After you get it set up the way you want, including creating any additional grid views, then select Sequence > Channel Configuration > Export from the menu. After creating a another new sequence, select Sequence > Channel Configuration > Import, and channel level will be enabled for those that you did it for when exporting.

In S5, there are 2 kinds of groups:

1) there are groups that you create in the preview. These will automatically be part of every sequence that uses the preview. If a preview group isn't already displayed in the gird, you can add it by clicking on the tree icon immediately to the right of the grid view drop-down, then selecting Append Props or Reset Props from the menu (see screen shot below).

2) there are "ad hoc" groups that you can create in the grid using the "Convert to group" command (right-click on a name on the left side of the grid). These groups can be copied from sequence to sequence using the export/import process described above.

Hope that helps,


append props.png

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