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Song Volumes

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Hey all,

I've got about 15 different songs that I use in my display.  They are all at very different volumes. 

Does anyone know how to "normalize" all the songs so they play back at relatively the same volume level?




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For those of you who used MP3 Gain, did you use the default volume setting of 89.0 decibels?  Or did you increase it a little?  (I noticed the songs in the TSO Signature Series are set to 91.7 - 97.8 decibels.)

Also, did you apply that volume setting to ALL mp3s?  Or did you find that some songs had to be set a little higher or lower than the rest?

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1 hour ago, jfuller8400 said:

I used it's defaults and ran it against all songs in my show.  That way they're all at the same (relative) volume level.

I'll probably do that first and see how it sounds.  I guess I was just wondering why there was such a wide decibel range of the songs I'm using, like maybe some songs were actually intended to be louder or softer than the others.

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