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Unable to download song on a paid for Sequence

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I ordered a sequence from Wowights the other day to see an example on how RGB looks (and to avoid having to sequence faces.) I am on day 3 now of looking for the media for this song.  The website states the media is not included which is fine and it also states the song can be downloaded from Amazon, if you live in the U.S. and that's the issue.  I'm Canadian.  I have looked everywhere for the same version of the song and cant find it.  The song is Wherewolves of London by AMC Orchestra.  I can find that song on Itunes but not by AMC Orchestra and when I try to use it in the sequence, it doesn't line up.  I tried to edit the sequence but the song is slower so at the beginning it looks ok but by the first chorus it starts to not match up.  Its almost like the song is slower than the sequence or vise versa.  I'm done trying to fix it and just want the actual song.

Does anyone know where I can download the song?

Wherewolves of London by AMC Orchestra



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If you have not found a solution soon I will check into some sites when I get off of work for you. paul.johnson3@cox.net

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Do not forget to run the MP3 through Audacity or another audio file conversion tool. Audacity is free.

You will want to save the mp3 at a "Constant Bit Rate" at 128kbps add audacity to the name of the song so you link the correct song to the sequence. This will prevent your sequence from getting out of sync which is very important for singing faces.

If you do not know or understand the process I have a word document I created to help. Just send me a pm with your email and I will send it your way.


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