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E682 LOR S4 DMX Setup

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Todd_91    0

Wanted to get this out before I cannot remember what exactly I did to get the Sans Device to communicate with LOR E1.31


1) Find out E682 IP address (Read E682 instruction on how to find this out)

1A)  Jumper J22 needs to activate for the set of outputs you will be using for the DMX or the lights will not work.

2) Set E682 Receive mode to Unicast (make sure to hit update system information)

3) Set test pattern to 0 (again update system)

4) Under which every output you will be using on the E682 set Output Type to DMX in my case I used outputs 1-1 to 1-4

    choose the universe number again in my case I used universe 1 set start channel (hit update button at the end of this configuration line)

(note all the above steps are done in the E682 webpage)

(note all the sets below are done in LOR)

5) Load LOR control panel

6) Make sure shows are disabled or else lights will not work in Sequence editor (note if shows are disabled the tray icon for LOR will be red if it is blue shows are enabled)

7) Load Network Preferences

8) Under the DMX tab click Unv 1 and then the advance button

9) Select Use E1.31

10) Under IP Address select Specify and then enter in the IP address you obtained from step 1

11) Hit ok then apply

12) At this point if the sequence editor is open you need to close it down and restart to make sure the network information gets update.


You should be able to then do some testing with a sequence to make sure all is good.


I will be working on setup with the G3MP3 Director and ELOR when I get it figured out.

If you have any questions I will try to help you as best I can, pretty new at this dmx stuff so still learning.


Hope this helps.




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k6ccc    497

Nice write-up, but a couple comments.  In step 1, you are assuming that you will be using only one E1.31 controller, and that you will be leaving the IP for the controller at the default, and that you will be changing your show PC to use the default IP range of the controller.  If any of those are not the case, you will be changing the E682. 


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