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Archived Props - Why and how to fix

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Ok, So I just started working with the beta, I got started a few days ago with 5.0.6.

When I load my old S4 sequences, it informs me that quite a few of my channels are being archived.  At first, I thought this was just channels which did not have a corresponding prop in the ver 4 visualizer file.  I have about a dozen of those that for various reasons I never put into the old visualizer.  Example: Channels that control non-visual things such as the motor on the mirror ball, or that supplies 120V power to all the low-voltage power supplies so I can cut them off when the show isn't running.

However, on  closer inspection, I have found that it DID archive quite a few channels from my old files that were in ver 4 visualizer, including but not limited to the first 50, and last 50 pixels of a 600 pixel strip (DMX across 4 universes).  I suspect this may be a bug.

1) What are the requirements for a channel to be properly recognized and NOT get archived?  Does it just need to be in the old visualizer (.lee) file?  Anything else?  If I go back and add EVERYTHING to my old visualizer files, can I avoid archiving?

2) Would someone please elaborate on the process to salvage or recover an archived channel?  I downloaded and viewed the "Expo 2017- Traditional Lights" powerpoint PDF which mentions this only briefly on slide 36.


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When you upgrade your S4 sequence to S5, it matches the channels in the S5 preview to the channels defined in the S4 sequence. In theory, only channels that are defined in the sequence, but don't exist in the preview should be archived. However, S5 being a beta version, there is at least one case it doesn't handle (and there may be more).

If your sequence doesn't import as you'd expect, instead of going back to your Visualizer file, edit the preview in S5 that got created as a result of importing the Visualizer file. For example, you can add your disco ball motor as a channel with the shape "hidden" so it doesn't appear in the preview but does give you row in the sequence grid. After adding that to the preview and saving it, now try upgrading the sequence again. The disco ball should no longer be archived. Repeat for the other channels that got archived.

The case that is not currently handled (but will be in the next beta) is a bundle of red, green, and blue traditional strings (some often have white in there too), but the red, green, and blue strings are defined as an RGB channel in the S4 sequence.

I don't know why some of the DMX pixels got archived. If you would like me to take a look, you can send me your LMS and LEE files. I will send you a PM with my email address.


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