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CGG001 - v5.0.6 - Beat Wizard Start Preview Crash

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Report Number: CGG001

Module: Sequencer

Software Version: v5.0.6

OS Version: Windows 7 (Professional - 64 Bit)

  Crash when pressing start in beat wizard for first time in a sequence file without pressing "update" button or selecting "entire sequence" radio button.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Open up Sequencer 
  2. Create New Musical Sequence
  3. Open Beat Wizard (Do Not Change any of the Time Range Settings)
  4. Press "Start" under preview section

Trace File: CGG001 - LORSequencer-trace 1.txt (Note: Despite File Name of sequence in trace file, this sequence was created in S5)



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Thanks for reporting the issue and attaching the trace file!

I have verified that this can occur when the Beat Wizard displays "UNKNOWN beats per minute" in the tempo area. This will be fixed in the next beta release.

For some reason, the Sequencer is unable to read the data from your audio file. If you try a different file, I suspect it will work.


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