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5.0.6 - Copy/Pasting causing random channels to "fill" white


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I went back to 5.0.4 just because of this bug, was happening a lot and very annoying obviously

1. in the effects row of 1 prop i create a ramp down "on" fade for 3-4 cells for a quick burst of light

2. copy those 4 cells and paste into another prop 

when i do this on props that have channel configs also for individual LEDS it cause a random LED to fill white so if i do a burst of lets say red, 1 pixel will randomly be white, i have to expand the channels in that prop, find and erase a random channel that was turned on .

Went back t 5.0.4 and it doesnt do this


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I found this too. However, I believe it only happens when some of the channels you are copying/pasting are hidden (i.e. under a group that is closed/collapsed). Also, I wouldn't say it was random - but rather that stuff was getting pasted onto the wrong rows. Was that your experience? If so, it will be fixed in the next beta release.


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