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Duplication after importing channel config

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but here it goes...

When I open up a sequence (both S4 and S5 sequences), and then I "import" my new channel configuration, all of my "motion effect" rows are duplicated.  If I go through and manually delete the extra ones, one by one, and then do the import again, they duplicate once again.  

So, for example, I've got 8 arches that have a bunch of programming in a sequence.  Each of the arches has (qty 2) motion effect rows associated with them, therefore, I have 16 rows in my view.  I perform the "import", and now I have the original 16 rows (with the proper programming), but, I also now have another 16 rows that don't have any programming associated with them.  

My work around is to simply delete these extra rows after the import, but this is very tedious.  Of course, I may be doing something completely wrong on my end, but I wanted to let you know the results I am experiencing.  

In case you are curious, I am running the latest beta (5.0.4).  



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I have a similar problem.  I have reported and submitted files to duplicate it.

Matt is aware of it and looking into it.


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