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SequenceEditor Crashes when saving a "Playfile" to an Open or Read Only file

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Report # MA01

Ver 5.0.4

OS Windows 10 64 Bit

S5 is set up and running shows as a test.  Have an LOR controller, DMX Universe and two 1.31 props attached.  All seem to work fine.  While the "Show" is running I attempted to edit a Sequence then save the "Playback file"  the process starts, then Sequencer reports, "The application experience an error and is about to close....."  I can create this error anytime a Show is currently running and try to save a file.  So for the heck of it, I made a Sequence -play.las- "Read-Only" and I can create the error every time I try to save a "play file".  Seems to me the program should trap the "file open" or "read only" flag and report to the user the file is in use or read-only and use another name or close the file....

If needed the log file is available.

And all the best to you in Texas



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Great catch! This will be fixed in the next beta release.

Thanks for trying the S5 beta,


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